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NEOGEN Probiotics Youth Repair Cream 50g

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Neogen Probiotics Youth Repair Cream (50g)

Signature SUPERPROBIOTICS™ is boosted with various extracts to balance skin condition and moisturise to create smooth and delicate skin.

Product Features :
• Signature triple probiotics balance skin condition, strengthen skin barrier, replenishing moisture to boost water level. Skin is soothed and repaired with softened fine lines and brightened complexion.
• Ceramide supported by hydrating ingredients deeply nourishes and locks in moisture, enhancing elasticity to create smooth and soft skin.
• Added with 11 types of peptides to help soften fine lines, dry face wrinkles and other facial lines, strengthening skin barrier and firming skin.
• Smooth texture is easily spread to nourish skin with a thin layer, repairing dewy skin.

• Triple Probiotics : Balancing, strengthening barrier, mositurising, repairing, brightening, firming
• Ceramide, Hydrating Ingredients:Retaining moisture
• 11 Types of Peptides : Softening fine lines, firming, strengthening barrier.

How to use:
As the last step of skincare routine, take an appropriate amount and apply on face, gently massage to absorb.