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POLA Glamorous Care Conditioner 370ml

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Pola Glamorous Care Conditioner (370ml)

Enriched with plant extracts, this conditioner can smooth, nourish and strengthen hair, creating glamorous and nourished hair.

Product features:
• Enriched with Pau d'arco Bark Extract, it can maintain a healthy scalp for radiant and strong hair.
• Contains soluble rice extract that helps repair dry damaged hair while restoring its bounce and body for a silky smooth and soft hair.
• Formulated with Valuable extracts, it can provide deep nourishment and moisture to hair and scalp.

• Pau d’arco Bark Extract: maintaining healthy scalp for radiant and strong hair
• Soluble rice extract: repairing dry and damaged hair, restoring its bounce and body
• Valuable extracts: Deeping nourishing and restoring moisture for hair

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