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KOSE COSMEPORT Grace One Skin Tone Correcting Essence 30ml

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Kosé Cosmeport Grace One Skin Tone Correcting Essence (30ml)

A rare essence on the market targeting dull skin, specially added spots correcting ingredient TXA acts with astaxanthin, non-stop anti-oxidising and brightening to lay the foundation!

Product Features :
• Brightening : Rarely used in skincare products on the market, TXA(Tranexamic Acid) penetrates deep into skin to inhibit pigment formation, soluble in both water and oil for enhanced absorption.
• Correcting : Skin-friendly in nature, TXA is not photosensitive and suitable for day and night use, brightening and correcting skin tone, especially for hectic city dwellers.
Anti-oxidising oil soluble astaxanthin, replenishing hyaluronic acid and firming collagen act on dermis to soften spots, hydrate and reduce yellow pigments on lower layer.
• Non-sticky watery texture brings appealing light scent while comfortably hydrating, plumping skin with glow.

• TXA(Tranexamic Acid): Inhibiting pigment precipitation, brightening and correcting skin tone
• Astaxanthin, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen : Anti-ageing, removing spots and improving dullness

How to use:
After cleansing and toning, take an appropriate amount on face, massage to absorb.