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  • DR.G Green Deep Foaming Scrub 120g

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    Dr.G Green Deep Foaming Scrub (120g)

    Dr.G deep cleansing scrub is the best exfoliating product to remove dead skin, black heads and thickened skin

    Product Features :
    • Exfoliating : Rich in abrasion-proof and hypo-allergic pear sclereid particules, dead skin is midly washed away effectively.
    • Deep-cleansing : Cleansing gel lathers into foam and enters pore to remove dead heads and dirt.
    • Hypo-allergic : Clinically proven as hypo-allergic for sensitive skin, skin is moisturised while dead skin being removed.

    • Pear Sclereid Particles : Exfoliating
    • Willow Bark Extract, BHA : Conditioning
    • Green Plants, Green Sugar, Green Oil : Protecting, hydrating, moisturishing

    How to use:
    Take a small amount and apply on skin in circular motion for 1 ĄV 2 mins after cleansing, rinse with clear water.