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Aveda Invati Men™ Scalp Revaltalizer 125ML

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Aveda Invati Men™ Scalp Revaltalizer (125ml)

Specially developed for men with sparse hair, this rinse-free serum is massaged in gently to make hair stronger and vitalise scalp, volumising hair.

Product Features :
• Volumising : Multiple plant extracts invigorate scalp and facilitate hair growth, thickening hair at the root.
• Strengthening : Indian gooseberry extract effectively strengthens hair, cares for weak hair strands to reduce hair loss.
• Convenient : Rinse-free serum brings pleasant scent to combat tiredness for an enjoyable life.

• Various Botanical Ingredients : Invigorating scalp for hair growth
• Indian Gooseberry Extract : Strengthening hair to avoid hair loss

How to use:
Apply product onto scalp by layers, gently massage in for absorption. No rinsing required.

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