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  • AVENE Repairing Protective Cream 40ml

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    Avene Repairing Protective Cream (40ml)

    Multi-function repairing cream restores and soothes skin in various conditions such as prolonged sun exposure, season change, fragile skin, etc., reducing damage by environmental aggressions.

    Product Features :
    • Calming : Zinc oxide purifies skin for restoration; Avene thermal spring water alleviates skin discomfort.
    • Restoring : Specially developed formula - sucralfate + zinc sulphate + copper(II) sulphate speeds up skin restoration efficiently. Its water-in-oil structure forms a veil over the skin for protection.
    • Skin-friendly : Without colouring, fragrance, preservatives, etc., this thick and rich cream passed skin test to ensure allergy and fragility friendliness.

    • Zinc Oxide : Purifying
    • Avene Thermal Spring Water : Soothing
    • Special Formula - Sucralfate + Zinc
    sulphate + Copper(II) sulphate:Repairing