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  • KERASTASE Masque Intense Regenerant 200ml

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    Kerastase Masque Intense Regenerant (200ml)

    Hair radiates glow with one wipe, nourished from deep within and smoothing frizz along a captivating scent.

    Product Features :
    • Nourishing : Precious ingredients plus hydrating ingredients nourish and radiate hair. Strengthened hair strand keeps hair smooth and shine.
    • Fragrant : Carefully selected Chypre fragrance are layered for carrying away odors, leaving hair emitting captivating scents.
    • Smoothing : Cottony texture is lightweight and fine, gently densely repairs hair and improves frizz.

    • Precious Ingredients, Hydrating Ingredients : Nourishing, strengthening

    How to use:
    Apply an appropriate amount of hair mask on scalp and hair, massage from roots to ends, wait for 5-10 mins, massage and rinse with a large amount of water.