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Cell Fusion C Low Ph Pharrier Cleansing Foam 165ML

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Cell Fusion C Low pH pHarrier Cleansing Foam (165ml)

It is an acidic barrier cleansing foam that clarifies skin and keeps your face moist with soft foam. Strengthening the skin barrier for sensitive skin, leaving skin glowing with radiant.

Product features:
• Skin pH improvement: Enriched with pHarrierTM, it helps forming weak acid derma barrier. It is friendly to sensitive skin.
• Dense foam: Take only one step to clean your skin and remove makeup at the same time.
• Moisturizing: Enriched with glycerin 20% and succinic acid, it helps to moisturize skin and remove dead skin cells. Lactococcus ferment lysate is also added to strengthen the skin barrier. Say no to dryness!

• pHarrierTM: Skin pH improvement and weak acid derma barrier formation
• Glycerin 20% and Succinic acid: Moisturizing and dead skin cell care
• Lactococcus ferment lysate: Barrier-protecting biome

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