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Cell Fusion C Low Ph Pharrier Toner 300ML

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Cell Fusion C Low pH pHarrier Toner(300ml)

Weak acidic pH caring formula keeps skin moisturized and strengthens barrier, protecting sensitive and weak skin with glowing and energetic complexion.

Product Features:
• Suitable for Sensitive Skin: pHarrierTM ingredient improves skin pH value and forms a weak acidic barrier. This toner is friendly to sensitive and weak skin and leaves a comfortable feeling.
• Moisturizing: Infused with multiple hydrating ingredients to improve dryness, skin is moisturised with glow, revealing translucent and soft skin
• Strengthening : Gluconolactone facilitates the formation of skin barrier and care for dead skin cells, strengthening protection.

• pHarrierTM Ingredient:Forming a weak acidic skin barrier
• Hydrating Ingredients:Hydrating
• Gluconolactone: Building skin barrier

How to use:
After washing face, take an appropriate amount and gently pat on face until fully absorbed or soak cotton pads as skin pack for application.

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