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Cell Fusion C Low Ph Pharrier Cleansing Water 500ML

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Cell Fusion C Low pH pHarrier Cleansing Water (500ml)

The low pH series is designed with the core technology of pHarrierTM for stablelizing skin condition and strengthening skin barrier. Gentle clarifying for a supple and smoother skin.

Product Features:
• With the core technology of pHarrierTM, it can balance the pH of skin and strengthen the skin barrier for a better complexion.
• Enriched with PHA, it can bring fresh and smooth makeup removing experience with its watery texture.
• With 96% natural ingredients, it can gently remove the impurities and dead skin cells, keeping skin moisturized and smooth even after cleansing

Ingredients :
• pHarrierTM: Skin pH improvement
• PHA: Moisturizing

How to use:
Apply the product to a cotton pad and gently wipe the face.

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