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BLACKMORES Bio C® 1000mg 150Tablets

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Blackmores Bio C® 1000 mg (150 Tablets)

High concentration of vitamin C plus herbal essence effectively improve body conditions, brightening and firming plumped skin!

Product Features:
• High concentration of vitamin C boosts immunity, improves body and lackluster skin conditions, creating revitalized, firmed and hydrated skin.
• Added herbal extracts including dog rose to facilitate absorption of vitamin C while acerola cherry takes part in circulation of collagen, improving skin plumpness and glow.
• Low acid formula mildly cares for digestion system, replenishes nutrients and balances diet for glowing complexion.

Ingredients :
• Vitamin C: hydrates and brightens
• Dog Rose: facilitates absorption
• Acerola Cherry: brightens

How to use:
Adult: one tablet daily with meal.