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  • SUISKIN Salmon DN Neck Cream 50g

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    Suiskin Salmon DN Neck Cream (50g)

    Abundance of anti-oxidizing ingredients effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The rich yet non-greasy texture brings glow, hydration and softness to skin.

    Product Features:
    • Great Absorption: Rich in Omega-3, nutrients absorption is enhanced. Fine lines are effectively reduced for smooth skin.
    • Strengthening: Centella asiatica aids restoring, soothing and reducing redness and allergy, boosting strengthen and skin condition.
    • Anti-ageing: Collagen and hydrating ingredient are added to replenish moisture and enhance elasticity, improving sagging and wrinkles. Idebenone reduces the effect of photo-ageing, diminishing pigmentation for glowing complexion.

    • Hydrating Ingredient: Moisturising
    • Collagen: Enhancing elasticity
    • Centella Asiatica: Soothing
    • Idebenone: Softening wrinkles