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VT Super Hyalon All in One Essence 150ml

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VT Super Hyalon All in One Essence (150ml)

Blending different hydrating ingredients, this essence contains abundant moisture to soothe and nourish skin instantly for a smooth and supple skin complexion.

Product Features:
• Hydrating: formulated with core hydrating ingredients, such as G:H8, y-PGA and Hyaluro 8 Complex, skin is replenished with rich moisture instantly.
• Skin balancing: with capsules containing abundant moisture, the nourishing agents penetrate deep down into skin for a balanced and nourished condition.
• All-in-one purpose: lightweight and non-greasy, this essence can be used as toner, emulsion, essence and cream, serving different purposes all at one go.

• G:H8tm, Y-PGA, Hyaluro 8 Complex: nourishing instantly

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