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Bonvitas Mate Tea 30 PCS

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Bonvitas Mate Tea (30PCS)

A popular tea in Argentina, Mate tea is rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to boost physical and mental health, especially suitable for busy citizens.

Product Features:
• Reserving nutrients: using the natural and pure Argentine tea essence extracted from traditional method, the active ingredients in tea are well preserved for better health benefits.
• Boosting health of skin and body: it is rich in different nutrients to boost skin and body health, as well as helpful in weight control.
• Suitable group: it is suitable for busy citizens who have blood and heart disease, under weight control and experiencing fatigue and insomnia.

Hpw to use:
1. Dip the tea bag in 200ml hot water or according to personal preference.
2. Sugar, milk, lemon and juice can be added to the tea according to personal preference.

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