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EO YUNG GAM(HAN BANG) Vitality Reinforcing Royal Cream 50ml

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Eoyunggam Youth Vitality Reinforcing Royal Cream (50ml)

Revealing youthful and radiant skin texture with this luxurious royal cream! Skin is firmed, nourished and revitalized intensively.

Product Features:
• Anti-aging: formulated with precious golden ginseng and oriental detoxification formula, this cream helps to blur lines and wrinkles, combating the signs of aging effectively.
• Skin protection: with squalene and shea butter, a moisture veil is formed on skin to soothe and nourish skin constantly.
• Nourishing texture: this creamy but non-greasy cream is especially suitable dry and delicate skin for firming and nourishing effect.

• Golden Ginseng Essence: nourishing and strengthening
• Oriental Detoxification Formula: detoxification and promoting skin radiance
• Longan Extract: repairing and firming