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  • CLARINS Tightening & Anti-Puffiness Eye Concentrate 15ml

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    Clarins Tightening & Anti-Puffiness Eye Concentrate (15ml)

    Specially designed for Asian eye problems, this bestselling eye concentrate instantly brightens, lifts and firms skin on eye contours.

    Product Features:
    • Firming and lifting: triple action to reduce eye wrinkles and puffiness, this tightening concentrate helps to form a firming veil on eye contours to continuously support the skin cell network.
    • Brightening: formulated with lady’s mantle and escin from horse chestnut, this eye concentrate helps to boost micro-circulation and prevent the accumulation of melanin.
    • Effective application: the specially designed alloy eye applicator facilitates massaging action on eye contours and promoting essence absorption.

    • Irish Moss, Bitter Ginger Extract: reducing eye puffiness
    • Crested Wheatgrass, Plant Caffeine: lifting and firming
    • Escin from Horse Chestnut: eye brightening