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  • FINE Bifidobacteria Jelly - Yogurt Flavor 20pcs

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    Fine Bifidobacteria Jelly - Yogurt Flavor (10g X 20pcs)

    This bestselling supplement in Japan is formulated with Bifidobacteria and anti-oxidant vitamin C, which are beneficial in promoting health of digestive system and detoxification. With constant consumption, skin condition and health are improved.

    Product Features:
    • Good for digestive health: formulated with bifidobacteria, this supplement helps to regulate digestive health and balance microbalance, which is helpful in relieving constipation.
    • Good for skin: it is beneficial for detoxification, which is good skin condition from within.
    • Tasty: this refreshing yogurt favor is pleasant and like a snack. With individual packaging, this jelly can be consumed at anytime and anywhere.

    • Bifidobacteria: helping to balance body microbalance
    • Vitamin C: beautifying skin