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  • MOIST DIANE Extra Haitr Fall Control Scalp Revitalizing Essence 50ml

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    Moist Diane Extra Haitr Fall Control Scalp Revitalizing Essence (50ml)

    Specially designed for fragile and soft hair, this essence spray reveals the power of plant extract to repair and restore healthy hair condition, leaving it strong and elastic.

    Product Features:
    • Strengthening: the nano keratin formula penetrates deep down to hair for filling up cracks and mending broken ends while preventing nutrient loss.
    • Nourishing: enriched with different plant extract, such as Wasabia Japonica, Argan Oil, Sakura Extract and Mango Seed oil, not only the hair is nourished, but also with boosted blood circulation on scalp for better hair growth.
    • Spray design: it allows even application after washing and blowing dry hair to prevent excess sebum and reddish condition on hair and scalp.

    • Wasabia Japonica: hair revitalizing and balancing oil on scalp
    • Plant Essential Oil: nourishing and strengthening
    • Keratin Formula: filling up the cracks on hair strains