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SVELTY Smart Super 30 Capsules

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Svelty Smart Super (30 Capsules)

Formulated with the advanced Duocap technology to preserve good bacteria and promote production of slimming bacteria in digestive system, this supplement is helpful in reducing body fat and enhancing fat-burning ability.

Product Features:
• Duocap technology: with the cutting-edge technology, 33 good bacteria are well-kept with the double-layered capsule and protected from the corrosive gastric acid.
• Nurturing good bacteria: well-picked from grains to nurture this koji for promoting good bacterial environment in digestive system, which is beneficial for keeping fit.
• Fat-burning: this supplement is effective in fat burning to promote a firm and good-looking body shape.

• Slimming Bacteria, Prebiotics, Koji: promoting good bacterial environment in digestive system

How to use:
One capsule a day before sleep.