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La Estephe Collagen Moisturizing Facial Mask 6PCS

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La Estephe Collagen Moisturizing Facial Mask (35g X 6)

The power of the deep sea! The deep sea collagen and algae are extraordinary in preventing glycation and promoting supple, elastic and youthful skin.

Product Features:
• Preventing glycation: deep sea collagen is effective in fighting glycation, which is the root of skin aging. In addition of cica extract, skin is restored and repaired for a healthy condition.
• Nourishing: deep sea algae and alpine glacier water help to replenish moisture to different layers of skin for a supple and hydrated complexion.
• Penetrating Mask Material: made with plant fiber, the mask is tight on skin. Pores are opened under micro pressure, which allows thorough penetration of the essence.

• Deep Sea Collagen: promoting supple and elastic skin complexion
• Cica Extract: skin soothing
• Alpine Glacier Water, Deep Sea Algae: retaining water under skin and nourishing

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