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ETTUSAIS Eye Eddition Brown Mascara 6g

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Ettusais Eye Eddition Brown Mascara (6g)

Make eyebrows more natural and fashionable, and create softer eyebrow makeup!

Product Features :
• Not sticky or hard, thick eyebrows and thin eyebrows can also blend naturally, creating a natural, smooth and soft makeup.
• The specially designed and structured young tree-shaped eyebrow brush is easy to comb the eyebrows without staining the skin.
• The formula is gentle and passed the allergy test#. Enriched with the repairing amino acid and nourishing hyaluronic acid, lashes are replenished with rich nutrients and grow healthily.

# Not applicable to everyone.

• Amino Acids: Repair
• Hyaluronic Acid: Nourishing

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