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  • 50 MEGUMI
  • 50 MEGUMI Anti-Grey Hair Essence 120ml

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    50 Megumi Anti-Grey Hair Essence (120ml)

    Formulated with patented ingredient from Switzerland– Darkenyl, this product helps to promote darker hair and prevent grey hair.

    Product Features:
    • Promoting pigmentation of hair: with 50 hair-nourishing ingredients, the pigmentation of hair is boosted to promote black hair.
    • Preventing hair oxidation: this product prevents hair from oxidation due to age growth, daily habit and stress.
    • Gentle formula: free from alcohol, silicon, paraben, fragrance, hair dye, this product protects skin and scalp from damages.

    *Data from 50 Megumi official website

    Ingredients :
    • Darkenyl: maintaining black hair color

    How to use:
    Use twice a day, morning and evening. Apply before styling in the morning and after washing hair in the evening.