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Fancl Perfect Slim W Diet Supplement 90 Tablets

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Fancl Perfect Slim W Diet Supplement (90 Tablets)

Success to a beautiful body shape! This supplement is formulated different effective ingredients, such as Olive Leaf, Seaweed, L-carnitine, to improve metabolism and reduce accumulation of fat.

Product Features:
● Preventing accumulation of fat: formulated with Q10 + and alpha-acid, this supplement helps to reduce accumulation of fat.
● Increasing body metabolism: enriched with spices and an immature orange, which help to promote metabolism and burn more calories during work-out or daily activity.
● Reducing appetite: three tablets a day help to reduce appetite and hence consume less food, promoting a healthier body shape.

Ingredients :
Ingredients :
● Olive Leaf, Seaweed, L-carnitine, Ginger: reducing appetite and accumulation of fat

How to use:
Once a day after meal. Maximum three tablets a day.

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