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  • DR.FORHAIR Sea Salt Scaler 300ml

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    Dr. ForHair Sea Salt Scaler (300ml)

    Exfoliating is not only for face, but the scalp also needs deep-cleansing to prevent hair loss and dandruff, leaving hair soothed and healthier.

    Product Features:
    • Double Salt Mix Formula™: the golden formula of different sizes of the sea salt help to remove impurities and dandruff.
    • Improving scalp and hair: enriched with abundant nutrients, this scaler strengthens the health of scalp and relieves the problem of hair loss.
    • Thorough cleansing: it removes dirt and excessive sebum from scalp pores, while Centella Asiatica helps to relieve the inflammatory problem to leave scalp soothed and refreshed.

    • Israel’s The Dead Sea Salt: deep cleansing
    • Centella Asiatica Extract: soothing and anti-inflammatory
    • Zinc Pyrithione: anti-dandruff