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AMORTALS Disposable Cleansing Towel (100psc)

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Amortals Disposable Cleansing Towel (100PCS)

2 in 1 disposable cleansing towel to remove makeup and for daily cleansing! A good replacement for the reusable towel in which contains lots of bacteria, leaving skin clean and smooth.

Product Features:
● Natural material: made of natural plant material, the towel is free from chemical fiber and fluorescein, which is safe and natural.
● Effective cleansing: soft and comfortable, the rough side is for exfoliating to remove makeup residues and dull skin cells, while the opposite smooth side helps daily cleansing.
● Use one at a time: the size is as big as 20cm X 22cm, which is thick and absorbent to promote efficient cleansing. It is elastic to facilitate rubbing gently without changing shape.

● Plant fibre: soft and delicate for effective cleansing