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EO YUNG GAM(HAN BANG) Vitality Reinforcing Eye Cream 15ml

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Eoyunggam Youth Vitality Reinforcing Eye Cream (15ml)

The Youth Vitality’s products are catered for the needs of mature skin. This eye cream is made fromGolden Ginseng essence, Eastern Royal Tea Compound, Longan and Nicotinamid that helps to reduce eyes’s puffiness and pigmentation.

Product features:
• Patented extracted method: using high pressure steaming technique to obtain golden Ginseng essence and extract high-quality Ginsenoside. This method can preserve most of the Polysaccharide and Vitamins that are useful for moisturizing and enhancing the bounciness of ones’ skin.
• Use of Eastern Royal Tea Compound: inspired by Chinese medicine, the well-preserved, herbal ingredients, including the persimmon leaf, cinnamon bark, Japanese mugwort leaf, chamomile, papaya, and green tea are extracted through Cryogenic ultrasound. This prevents the radical from harming ones’ skin, as well as enhancing ones’ metabolism in counteracting ageing skin. It also improves dry, lackluster skin conditions, and mitigates the mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes.
• Rejuvenating: longan extract contains Glucose, Organic Acid, vitamin A, B1 and B2. These are conducive to refining and soften the fine lines. Nicotinamide helps to prevent inflammation and rejuvenate, refining the skin around the eyes.

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• Golden Ginseng essence: nourishing and promoting bouncy skin
• Eastern Royal Tea Compound: reducing the harmfulness of radical to the skin
• Longan extract: softening fine lines
• Nicotinamide: preventing inflammation

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount on eye contour area after toner. Massage gently for better absorption.