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LA ESTEPHE Youth Preserve Revitalizing Serum 30ml

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La Estephe Youth Preserve Revitalizing Serum (30ml)

Restoring beauty of youth with this intensive serum that is formulated with snow algae, trehalose and SYN®-COLL small molecule peptide! Skin becomes firm and tight, not afraid of external irritants.

Product Features:
• Enhancing skin resilience: enriched with snow algae, a plant grown in extreme environment, its resilience ability helps skin to gain strengths and fight against external stimuli.
• Promoting youthful skin: the exclusive SYN®-COLL small molecule peptide activates the production of collagen, promoting radiant and wrinkle-free skin.
• Nourishing texture: the texture is fast-absorbing and helping to retain moisture under skin, leaving it supple and moist.

• Snow Algae: combating signs of ageing
• SYN®-COLL Small Molecule Peptide: activating production of collagen and restoring skin resilience
• Trehalose: nourishing and preventing melanin precipitation