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  • ELLIPS Hair Vitamin Smooth & Shiny

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    Ellips Hair Vitamin Smooth & Shiny 

    Enriched with Moroccan oil and precious plant extracts, multiple nourishing ingredients improve maintenance power of hair. Capsule design is convenient to apply and carry.

    Product Features:
    • Nourishing: Enriched with vitamin E and nutrients, the precious Moroccan oil helps nourish and smooth hair, leaving a radiant look of your hair!
    • Repairing: Formulated with color retainer and Pro vit.B5, it can repair damaged hair and get rid of the fluffiness and dryness, leaving smooth and hydrated hair!
    • Refreshing scent: Gentle and sweet scent of peaches is refreshing and relaxing.

    • Moroccan Oil: Nourishing and improving radiance of hair
    • Vitamins, Pro vit.B5 and plants extract oil: Moisturizing and smoothing the fluffiness and dryness of hair