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  • 50 MEGUMI
  • 50 MEGUMI Color Care Conditioner 400ml

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    50 Megumi Color Care Conditioner (400ml)

    Designed for dyed hair quality, 5 types of natural seaweed essence helps strengthen, lock colour and smooth hair scales for a luminous hair!

    Product Features:
    • Colour Locking : Superior colour-locking ingredient forms a protective film over hair strands, smooths scales and locks dyed hair colour for a lasting effect.
    • Anti-Hair Loss : The addition of 5 types of natural seaweed essence facilitates anit-hair loss and stabilize scalp condition for hair growth, improving thin hair.
    • Repairing : Rich in precious moisturizing and nourishing ingredients densely repairs and strengthens damaged hair strands, especially suitable for hair quality after dying for a luminous appearance.

    • Colour-locking Ingredient : Locking colour
    • 5 Types of Natural Seaweed Essence : Anti-hair loss, volumising

    How to use:
    Slightly wipe dry hair after shampooing, pump once to twice on palm, massage gently from scalp to hair ends, then rinse thoroughly.