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Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion 400ML

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Derma:B Daily Moisture Body Lotion (400ml)

Derma: B, a skin care brand with advanced factories and R & D centers in Korea, which skincare products are being classified as the no.1 sensitive skin products for five years in a row. Texture is moisturizing and smooth, releases the powder fragrance with fast absorption ability but not greasy at all, contains the MLE’s composition - the shea, grape seed oil and other components, to moisturize the skin, to relieve the discomfort from dry skin. At the end, the body feels more than comfortable; the mood is also getting much brighter.

Product Feature:
• Passed the university moisturizing effect test: Passed skin irritation test and rewarded the 48 hours moisturizing effect certification. The test was conducted by SMU University Testing Center.
• 5 No formula: Does not contain phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, parabens, alcohol and color, sensitive skin are applicable.
• For daily use: With MLE Moisturizing Science Formula ™, it gently protects your skin and leaves it smooth and supple.

• Shea: Moisturizing.
• Grape seed oil: Shiny, antioxidant.
• Vitamin B5: Water lock.
• Olive oil: Moisturizing, softening the skin.

How to use:
Apply to the entire body immediately after bathing, apply even more on the dry areas, such as feet, knees and handcuffs.

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