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Whip Wash Moist 130g

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Uno Whip Wash Moist (130g)

This soothing face wash is foamy in contact with water, helping to cleanse effectively, especially for dry and delicate skin, as the mineral clay gently removes impurities while the hyaluronic acid is highly hydrating.

Product Features:
• Nourishing: double hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin and prevents water loss.
• Thorough cleansing: the foam is silky and rich, helping to carry the impurities. The mineral clay is effective in absorbing excessive sebum which darkens the skin.
• Pleasant scent: the citric scent is refreshing and soothing.
• Made in Vietnam

Ingredients:• Double hyaluronic acid: deeply moisturizing
• Mineral clay: absorbing impurities

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