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  • KRACIE Hadabisei Advanced Penetrating 3D Face Mask (Super Suppleness) 4piece

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    【KRACIE Hadabisei Advanced Penetrating 3D Face Mask (Super Suppleness) 4piece】

    Rich beauty serum 30ml:
    ● Hyaluronic acid:
    Formulated with Hyaluronic acid which is a powerful ingredient to retain skin moisture.
    ● Penetrating Agent: CHD Enhances stratum corneum ability to absorb serum and increases skin water-holding capacity.
    ● Stratum corneum softening agent:
    Lemon Extract softens skin and enhance skin penetration.

    Advanced Penetrating 3D Mask:
    ● 3D face mask filled with rich serum fit the face perfectly! It leaves skin moisturized and supple right away!

    1. Skin conditioning agents: Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola fruit extract), Coix seed extract, yuzu ceramide (Yuzu fruit) 2. Penetrating agent: Rice fermentation broth 3. Moisturizing agent: Penetrative hyaluronic acid

    How To Use:
    After cleansing, apply the mask and wait for 15 minutes. Take it off and gently massage until the essence is fully absorbed.