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  • DR.BSC
  • DR.BSC 3D Collagen Eye Regeneration Cream 15ml

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    Dr.BSC 3D Collagen Eye Regeneration Cream (15ml)

    Defying gravity with this eye cream enriched with collagen, skin on eye contours are lifted and firmed, free from wrinkles and puffiness, revealing a youthful glow.

    Product Features:
    • Enhancing elasticity: collagen penetrates deep down to skin with the help of Lipidure-PMB, supporting skin structure and promoting a supple and elastic skin texture.
    • Anti-oxidation: algae extract and squalene are excellent in combating free radicals and oxidation, leaving skin with boosted metabolism and becoming more resilient.
    • Hydrating texture: the texture is nourishing but non-greasy, forming a moisture veil on eye contours to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, promoting a tightened and youthful skin complexion.

    • Collagen: promoting skin elasticity
    • Algae Extract, Squalane: anti-oxidation