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Japan Gals Bcaa Tablets Raspberry Flavour 150Capsules

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Japan Gals BCAA Tablets (Raspberry Flavour) (150tablets)

Successfully creating beautiful physique!Added with branched-chain amino acid to fight fatigue and burn hidden fat, bodyweight is also maintained, a superior choice for sporty and body fat-conscience people.

Product Features :
• Leucine supplies nutrients to promote protein synthesis and toning, shaping lightweight and beautiful physique.
• The addition of isoleucine powers the body and strengthen bone, increasing burning of hidden fat and alleviating after-workout soreness.
• The inclusion of valine facilitates glucose conversion to adjust body condition while maintaining weight, removing body impurities to create physique not easily accumulate fat.

• Leucine:Promoting protein synthesis, toning
• Isoleucine:Strengthening body and bone, boosting burning of hidden fat,alleviating soreness
• Valine:Conditioning body, purifying

How to use:
5 tablets a time or during sport, once per day

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