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  • Milano Collection Face Up Powder (2022 GR Edition) 30g

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    Kanebo Milano Collection Face Up Powder (2022 GR Edition) (30g)

    Milano Collection is a surprise for its fans every year! GR version is more nourishing and with grander design. Luxurious and elegant, this pressed powder is airy as a veil, covering blemishes flawlessly. With exquisite and elegant design, it is a must-have item on beauty bucket list every year.

    Product Features:
    • Delicate coverage: the powder is ultra-fine and delicate. Just a gentle tap is enough to cover pores and blemishes, creating a soft-focus effect constantly without smudged by moisture, sebum and mask.
    • Nourishing: formulated with royal jelly, olive leaf and hyaluronic acid, skin is nourished and maintaining a firm makeup finish.
    • Luxurious design: the jewel case sculpted with angels is elegant and adorable, which is perfect as a gift or self-collection.

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    • Royal Jelly, Olive Leaf, Hyaluronic Acid: nourishing constantly