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  • 2IN1 Deep Moisturizing & Whitening Seaweed Fiber Facial Mask 5pcs

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    Devdo 2IN1 Deep Moisturizing & Whitening Seaweed Fiber Facial Mask (5PCS)

    Using biodegradable seaweed fiber mask material, this mask forms a thin and gel-like layer on skin to discharge nutrients to skin for an excellent toning, hydrating and brightening effect.

    Product Features:
    • Nourishing: this formula is rich in hyaluronic acid and algae sugar to retain moisture under skin and prevent water loss, leaving skin soft, dewy and translucent.
    • Brightening: nicotinamide and AA2G help to protect skin against the damage of UV light and boost the production of collagens. It is especially effective on dull and yellowish skin and blurring acne scars.
    • Skin-friendly seaweed fiber: this material forms a moisture veil on skin to continuously discharge sodium hyaluronate and algae sugar for deep nourishment.

    • Nicotinamide, AA2G: brightening
    • Hyaluronic Acid: nourishing