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  • ABIB
  • Mild Acidic pH Mask - Aqua Fit 5pcs

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    Abib Mild Acidic pH Mask - Aqua Fit (5PCS)

    Korean skincare secret with this mildly acidic mask! In addition of the highly hydrating ingredients, it helps to build a resilient and nourished skin condition, revealing dewiness and translucency.

    Product Features:
    • Deep hydrating: formulated with Argireline, Ceramidin, Sodium Hyaluronate, an effective veil is formed on skin to prevent water loss and replenish moisture, preventing dry lines formation and build a dewy skin complexion.
    • Promoting skin resilience: the slightly acidic ingredients are friendly to skin and promoting a healthy skin condition, leaving skin more resilient and boosting absorption for the subsequent skincare.
    • Soft and skin-friendly mask material: this mask made with bamboo fiber and egg white is elastic and firmly sticking on skin after application, promoting effective absorption of the essence.

    • Argireline, Ceramidin, Sodium Hyaluronate: nourishing