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  • Mild Cleansing Foam EX 120g

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    IM UNNY Mild Cleansing Foam EX (120g)

    Thoroughly cleansing with skin-friendly foam to nourish, soothe and strengthen skin. Skin would become dewy and translucent after cleansing.

    Product Features:
    • Dense and delicate foam: the foam lathers up easily to remove impurities, excess oil and old dull skin cells for a smooth and soothed complexion.
    • Gentle cleansing: Amino Acid-Based Surfactant with soap base formula helps to soften surface skin cells and remove impurities from pores, leaving skin balanced and cleansed.
    • Nourishing: formulated with Jeju mineral water, ceramide and plant extracts, skin is replenished with moisture and minerals, becoming resilient and soothed after cleansing.

    • Amino Acid-Based Surfactant, Soap Base Formula: thorough and gentle cleansing
    • Jeju Mineral Water: balancing water and oil
    • Ceramide: skin repairing
    • Plant Extracts: nourishing