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  • W Essence Cream 55g

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    Meishoku W Essence Cream (55g)

    Creating a dewy and translucent complexion with this essence cream enriched with vitamins and coix seed extract, skin is nourished from the root and free from dullness and darkness.

    Product Features:
    • Brightening: with vitamins ingredients and coix seed extract, this essence cream helps to brighten skin and reduce dullness for a smooth and supple complexion.
    • Nourishing: enriched with collagen, this essence cream helps to nourish skin for higher elasticity and suppleness.
    • Fast-absorbing: mess-free and non-greasy, this refreshing cream penetrates skin fast instant nourishment.

    Ingredients :
    • Nourishing Ingredients, Vitamins: nourishing
    • Collagen: enhancing skin elasticity and suppleness