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  • Olive Real Cleansing Foam 150g

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    【Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam 150g】

    Natural organic olives rich in moisturizing and vitamin ingredients, with soft and moisturizing foam to take away residual makeup and dirt

    Product Features:
    • Rich in olive moisturizing factors Olive moisturizing factors (polyphenols, vitamin E, oleic acid) deeply moisturize dry skin and build a strong moisturizing barrier for the skin.
    • Rich antioxidants and vitamin nutrients A foaming cleanser with high moisturizing effect, suitable for dry skin.
    • Highly moisturizing makeup remover wet foam facial cleanser The fine foam gently removes makeup residues and removes old waste materials inside the pores, so that the skin is not dry and fresh during the cleaning process.

    Organic olives
    innisfree delivers deep nourishment from olive which had been praised by ancient Mediterranean people for its nutritional value as they called it as "liquid gold".

    How To Use:
    Squeeze an appropriate amount onto clean hands and create lather. Smooth massage over your face and thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water afterwards.