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SNP Basil Seed Jelly with Green Apple

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SNP Basil Seed Jelly with Green Apple 

This slimming jelly snack only contains 3.08 calories! Containing rich polyphenol and fiber-rich basil seeds, it helps to combat accumulation of fat and boost digestion.

Product Features:
• Combating accumulation of fat: enriched with 300mg polyphenol, which is the amount of around 20 green apples, this jelly is helpful in fighting against fat formation and improving fat decomposition.
• Improving digestive system: basil seeds are rich in dietary fiber and swell in contact with water, which is helpful in improving constipation and promoting fullness and hence less appetite.
• Suitable groups: it is especially suitable for those who are under weight control and with chronic constipation due to stress.

• Polyphenol from Green Apple: combating fat formation
• Basil Seeds: promoting fullness

How to use:
Take 1-2 packs a day after meal.

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