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ISDG Diet Beauty Enzyme 60 Tablets

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ISDG Diet Beauty Enzyme (60 Tablets)

Specially picked 121 fruit and vegetable enzymes, implementing collagens, this beauty supplement promotes a youthful and healthy skin and body condition.

Product Features:
• 121 fruit and vegetable enzymes: this supplement replenishes nutrients for imbalanced diet, boosts metabolism and prevents oxidation for body and skin.
• Healthy and youthful skin condition: it contains yeast and koji helping to improve microbiome of our body. Implementing with collagen, skin is becoming supple and improved from within by removing toxins.
• Slimming effects: L-carnitine and Forskolin are effective in boosting fat-burning process and hence creating a more attractive body shape.

• Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes: anti-oxidant and beautifying skin
• Collagen: promoting supple and bouncy complexion
• Forskolin: promoting fat-burning process

How to use:
Take 2 tablets half an hour after meal with warm water.

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