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  • Total Brightening Programme 3pcs

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    Clarins Total Brightening Programme (3PCS)

    The set containing lotion, serum and emulsion for prominent effects in promoting balanced skin tone, reducing darkness and dullness, leaving skin translucent and dewy constantly.

    The set contains:

    White Plus White Plus Milky Lotion (200ml)
    A lightweight brightening lotion formulated with Acerola fruit extract can effectively improve skin tone by preventing the growth of melanin and formation of black spots. In addition, it hydrates and soothes skin. Skin becomes brighter and healthier.

    Targeted Dark Spot Corrector (50ml)
    Intensive brightening serum! The formula is enriched with two oxygenating plants extracts that evens skin tone to make your skin more translucent and youthful. It is fast-absorbing for an instantly brightening effects.

    White Plus Pure Translucency White Plus Emulsion Eclaircissante (75ml)
    The emulsion is delicate and smooth, giving the skin a velvety soft feeling throughout the day with the healthy luster. Moisturizing and soothing at once, perfectly embodies the cherry's cure for freckles and dark spots

    White Plus White Plus Milky Lotion
    • Acerola Fruit Extract: reducing the overproduction of melanin
    • Red Sandspurry Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris: preventing formatin dark spots
    • Spergularia Rubra: anti-hyperpigmentation
    • Vitamin C Derivative: antioxidant & brightening

    Targeted Dark Spot Corrector
    • Acerola Fruit:reducing the overproduction of melanin
    • 2% AA2G, VC:promoting less dark spots and acne scars

    White Plus Pure Translucency White Plus Emulsion Eclaircissante
    • Needle Cherry Essence: reducing melanin formation and preventing freckles