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  • Optim Eyes Set 3pcs

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    Filorga Optim Eyes Set (3PCS)

    A set of three containing the bestsellers of the brand to nourish and provide youthful care!

    The set contains:

    Optim Eyes (15ml)
    Reduces dark circles, under-eye bag and fine lines, 360° reshapes the contours of the eyes! The moisturizing texture can be instantly absorbed, and a variety of scientific components work together to promote microcirculation and supplement nutrition, leaves the eye more energetic!

    Meso Mask (15ml)
    Enjoy your pleasure skin treatment moment, allowing this intensive beautifying mask does its job, just need 15 to 30 minutes, to illuminate and brighten, smooth wrinkles and reduce the signs of skin fatigue.

    Optim-Eyes Patch (1Pair)
    Multi-functional cooling eye patches to revitalize skin in just 15 minutes! Rich in polysaccharides and vitamin PP, there patches are ready to reduce puffiness and wrinkles, promoting bright and supple skin.

    Ingredients :
    Optim Eyes, Optim-Eyes Patch • Matrikines + chrysin complex: Effectively reduce dark circles’ pigment
    • Peptides: Decrease the volume of under-eye bags.
    • Hesperidin, Hyaluronic Acid + NCTF: Anti-aging, firming skin

    Meso Mask • NCTF: anti-aging
    • Rhamnose Polysaccharides: soothing and nourishing