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  • Salmon DN Cream Bouns Pack 3pcs

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    Suiskin Salmon DN Cream Bouns Pack (3PCS)

    Formulated with the super anti-oxidant – Salmon DN, this pack of creams helps to firm and tighten skin for a dewy, translucent and nourished complexion.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-aging: eniched with the effective salmon DN, which is rich in omega 3, this cream promotes elastic skin complexion which is free from wrinkles and lines.
    • Soothing: it helps to soothe skin and preventing it from inflammation.
    • Nourishing texture: it is rich in nourishment without being greasy and messy for a youthful complexion.

    • Salmon DN: anti-oxidant
    • Collagen: promoting skin elasticity
    • Cica: soothing
    • Idebenone:anti-aging