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  • DR. JART+
  • Teatreement Toner 120ml

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    Dr Jart+ Teatreement™ Toner (120ml)

    A skin-friendly toner to remove dirt and excess sebum for acne and reddish skin. This fast-absorbing toner is rich in Australian Tea Tree Extract to soothe and balance skin pH and condition.

    Product Features:
    • Balancing skin pH and condition: enriched with tea tree extract and green calming complex, reddish and acne skin is soothed and balanced with suitable pH and oil-moisture level.
    • Moisturizing: vitamin B3 helps to nourish skin instantly and promote supple and plump skin texture.
    • Lightweight and fast-absorbing: the toner penetrates skin fast to soothe and hydrate skin, promoting effects of the subsequent skincare products.

    • Tea Tree Leaf Extract: rebalancing oily and acne skin
    • Green Calming Complex: soothing
    • Vitamin B3: brightening skin