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Clarins Beautiful Pregnancy Set 3PCS

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Clarins Beautiful Pregnancy Set (3PCS)

The caring set for mother-to-be! Containing the bestsellers for the brand, especially the upgraded Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert EX, different plant extracts are gentle but effective, maintaining beauty during pregnancy.

The set contains:

Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert EX (175ml)
Reducing stretch marks from 4 levels: length, width, depth and color, this lightweight formula effectively helps improving firmness and elasticity.

Product Features:
• Mum-friendly formula: the formula of the ingredients is modified in this upgraded version. It is free from artificial fragrance which is safe to use.
• Diminishing stretch marks: enriched with firming agents such as Centella Asiatica and Green Banana, stretch marks are reduced and new ones are prevented.
• Nourishing: this texture is light and fast-absorbing, pairing with the refreshing herbal scent, skin is nourished with hazelnut oil with comfortable finish.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil (100ml)
• Blend of 100% plant extracts, including rosemary, pelargonium graveolens and peppermint oil - are effective antioxidants for strengthening skin and smoothing fine lines, creating a youthful and supple complexion!
• Enriched with hazelnut oil, it can effectively nourish skin and relieve the discomfort of dry skin, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple.
• Delicate fragrance brings you good mood and a luxury skin care experience.

Exfoliating Body Scrub (200ml)
Exfoliating body scrub contains pure, absolute, perfect natural bamboo powder, leading to a gentle bath and delicate exfoliating action for revitalized skin.

Product Features:
• Effective: instantly reveals luminously radiance, polished, baby-soft skin
• Improving skin texture: creating beautiful skin full of elasticity
• Promoting absorption: the scent is delightful with lightweight texture, allowing fast-absorption for the subsequent skincare.

Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert EX
• Centella Asiatica and Banana: preventing and reducing stretch marks
• Hazelnut: nourishing

Tonic Body Treatment Oil
• Rosemary, pelargonium graveolens and peppermint oil: firming, toning, and targeting stretch marks
• Hazelnut oil: Nourishing and moisturizing

Exfoliating Body Scrub
• Bamboo Powder: exfoliating and polishing skin
• Mimosa, Shea Butter: nourishing

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