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Shiseido Uplifting And Firming Express Eye Mask

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Shiseido Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask (1 Pairs)

This new eye masks help to tackle the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. From eye contours to temples, this mask enhances the original youthful beauty and helps you to regain a revitalized and radiant skin comprehensively.

Product Features:
• Firming and anti-wrinkle: with the exclusive RetinoVP8 technology, this mask delivers rich vitamin A and Shiseido VP8 deep down to skin for an extraordinary tightening effect.
• Brightening: with rare and luxurious safflower extract, this mask is prominent in promoting radiance and preventing formation of melanin and dullness on eye contours.
• Nourishing texture: with MATSU-ProSculpt Complex, a moisture and firming essence veil is formed on skin for skin repair and improvement.

• Safflower Extract: revitalizing skin
• RetinoVP8: Accelerating metabolism, moisturizing
• MATSU-ProSculpt Complex: nourishing and firming skin

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