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  • Beauty Make-Up Sponge Set 4piece

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    【AMORTALS Beauty Make-Up Sponge Set 4piece】

    These sponges are produced in the factory which produces sponges for Real Techniques*! This set, containing 3 different make-up sponges and 1 sponge hanger, promotes natural makeup and is perfect as a gift for friends and yourself!

    Product Features:
    ● Natural finish: when soaking in water, the sponges become soft and elastic This sponge promotes natural and dewy finish, without being flaky and dry.
    ● Different usages: there are 3 colors of the sponges: the brown one is for applying on forehead or other smooth and large areas. The green one is for rolling on face and neck for application. The red one is for applying on T zone and the corner of the mouth. Both dry and wet products can be applied with the sponges.
    ● Prevent waste of products: the pores on the sponges are delicate and packed. After absorbing water and filling up the holes, the application is firm and causes no waste of the products.

    *Data from Amortals official website.

    ● Polyurethane: soft, elastic and water-absorbent