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  • Super Hyalon Capsule Mask 10piece

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    【VT Super Hyalon Capsule Mask 10piece】

    All-in-one step! This Super Hyalon Capsule Mask contains Kaolin clay and G:H8™ provides maximum hydration,balances skin,refines pores and reinforces skin natural defenses.

    Product Feature:
    ● Formulated with cool and smooth texture, it holds hydration and minimizes stress to reveal a healthy glow and return to its youthful appearance.
    ● Natural Kaolin clay combined with Gamma-PGA and 8 Hyaluronic acids opens the pore, provides oil-control, maintains deep moisture and reinforce the skin barrier to make skin look revitalized.
    ● Specially design for strengthening skin barrier. Suitable for daily use on dry skin and skin with impaired barrier.

    ● Gamma-PGA ● 8 Hyaluronic acids ● Kaolin clay

    How To Use:
    After cleansing, apply the mask to face and remove after 10 to 15 minutes. Then, use cotton pad to gently wipe the excess mask and rinse off with warm water..